Death's Life


During centuries of collecting souls, Death spent her time observing, and theorizing about humans. Above all, what intrigued Death the most was it must it be like to have feelings and experience human emotions? 

When she meets Aisha, a young girl who truly believes in Death and Allah, Death’s life is destined to change. Fascinated by her, Death follows Aisha’s life, through its many ups and downs, which ends in her untimely death. Throughout her ordeals, she clings steadfastly to her beliefs, despite her husband’s bullying ways, including trying to sell both his wife and their baby daughter. 

When Death comes to take her soul, finding Aisha sick, weak, and homeless on the street, Aisha asks her to take and raise her unnamed baby daughter, as if she were her own and to keep her safe from the evils of humankind. 

Entrusted with the child’s life and well-being, Death embarks on her quest. Naming the baby Rose, she raises her as if she were her mother, in a castle she creates in the middle of the Brazilian Rainforest. All goes well until the untainted Rose reaches the age of nineteen and happens upon Henry one day in the forest. 

After several chance encounters, the two fall in love, and inevitably Henry, the son of the wealthy Brazilian president, invites Rose to visit civilization and all it has to offer. Reluctantly, Death agrees to let her go, but is unable to accompany her as she is invisible to all but those who are to die and Rose, who sees her as a perpetually beautiful woman in her thirties.

Estranged from Death, Rose begins to learn about a world that has been kept from her for so many years, questioning the version of reality that Death has taught her. Isolated from her adopted daughter, Death blames Henry, despite him treating Rose as if she were a princess. She and Rose remain apart until a few years after Henry’s demise when Death seeks her out once more and is shocked by what she finds. Will Death be able to rekindle her relationship, or has she left it too late?  


Death's Lament

An Anthology

Death's Lament is an anthology of poems that Bela wrote reflecting her thoughts and observations  of  life  as a young woman. Seeing the normal peer pressures we all encounter all around her triggered her imagination. The poems are stimulatingly frank and candid, yet tinged with humor and sarcasm.  Their openness and honesty is refreshing and  thought provoking. The eponymous first poem is taken from her debut novel  Death's Lfe. 



5.0 out of 5 stars


Death's Life a must-read

August 29, 2019

Format: Kindle Edition

From  the moment I started reading I was in it to the last page!!! Latifs use  of words is amazing, this book not only makes you think but also  touches your heart. Throughout the various chapters I found myself  dwelling within Deaths words agreeing with Deaths laments. A must read  for everyone. Look forward to more from B. Latif. 


Death tells her story 

September 14, 2019

Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase

The  book starts with a description of Death. She was never born but still  exists and knows how humans are scared of dying. Death wants to tell her  story and she knows the facts about humans that they have forgotten.  Death shares her experiences and observations such as “Humans know they  are humans. Humans don’t know they have humanity. Something that I would  call dead in them.” Or “Man learns from experience. Finally, when he  has learned everything, his life ends.
Death wants to experience what  it’s like to be human and tries to find the true meaning of the word  “death.” If you are interested in exploring the meaning of life and  death and how history repeats itself, you will enjoy this book. 


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