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My Debut Novel



Bela wrote Death’s Life in 2015 and is the first book she has published. Based on an experience she had at a funeral when she saw the pain a mother was suffering as she grieved for her dead son, it made Bela fantasize about how death might work. Making Death a woman and a mother reflects the infinite love and pain a mother feels when something happens to their child.

The thought processes Death goes through is how nineteen-year-old Bela perceived the character, sometimes weird, yet sometimes mature for a girl of her age. But in the end, apart from God, who could be a portrayed as the ultimate, powerful female character other than Death herself? Naturally, Bela’s own feminist views have been a major influence for Death.

The book is also about the relationship between mothers and daughters. Often, despite how deeply they love one another, their relationship can be strained and even confrontational.

Coming Events


I am really excited about everything that is happening in September. Death's Life and Death's Lament are available throughout September at the amazing price of  99c each and Death's Lament is free 23-29 September. I will be running a campaign in the middle of October, with several different exciting events during the campaign. So keep popping back to find out what's happening and where you can meet me, or chat with me online.  Details of what is happening will be added as soon as they events are finalized, so please visit me here or on Facebook for the latest news. 


Join My Journey


Becoming a published author has long been a dream of mine and it has been a fantastic experience to see my original manuscript now become an actual novel. It is said that there is a book inside everyone and I'd like to feel this is the first of many novels. So please, join me by signing up to my reader list and follow me on Instagram and Facebook as I start my journey as a self-published author.

To Find out more about me and my books, visit my Amazon Author Page:  amazon.com/author/blatif 



Death's Lament

Death's Lament is an anthology of poems that Bela wrote over several years, and is a collection of  her thoughts,imaginations and observations. The eponymous Death's Lament comes from debut novel, Death's Life, which is also available on Amazon. The remaining poems tell of unrequited love, broken relationships and missed opportunities, all told with pathos, humor and wry sarcasm. They are both thought-provoking and reflective. A wonderful collection of button poetry showing the trials and tribulations of a young woman facing life's challenges.